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The Gold Rush in California brought even more people to the west. During the mid's, the United States gained control Us expansion essay the Mexican lands and the southern part of the Oregon Country, and the nation extended from coast to coast.

The House chose Adams. The belief that settlers were destined to expand to the west is often referred to as Manifest Destiny. During the time of expansion large areas of land were given to the United States from foreign countries.

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Thus, it is implied that if America were to get involved with such acts, it would be to compete with other countries rather than to benefit themselves or others. InRobert Fulton demonstrated the first commercially successful steamboat, the Clermont.

Throughout the years, a balance between the number of free states states where slavery was prohibited and slave states those where it was allowed had been sought. Us expansion essayCongress passed a bill that placed high tariffs on goods imported into the United States. Essay on causes and consequences of war beauty and ugliness essay writing brian doyle essays on success what does it mean to create a sense of place essay pharm d application essay macbeth plot essay essayist definitie genul.

When the United States admitted Texas to the Union inthe Mexican government was outraged, and from tothe two nation's squared off in the Mexican War. Travelers would be lost or stranded in the mountains with no food for weeks, sometimes turning to cannibalism. Many other pioneers came from Europe seeking a better life.

New land meant freedom from the violence and negative attitude of others, and they could actually build communities based on their religions. One supporter from this point of view was Thomas Hart Benton.

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United States Maritime Expansion across the Pacific during the 19th Century

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Lakes were very important to travel because they provided drinking water for the people and attracted wild animals to the area, which could be hunted for food. Soon the farmers' dependence on distant markets caught up with them, however, as the state bank system that had sprung up to support speculation collapsed, dragging agricultural prices and land values down with it.

The struggle over the Mexican territory was more complicated. The Native Americans were removed from their lands during westward expansion, and were forced onto reserves.

Embittered, Jackson and his followers formed a separate wing of the Democratic-Republican Party, which soon developed into the Democratic Party.

When the Territory of Missouri applied for admission to the Union inbitter controversy broke out over whether to admit it as a free or slave state. Those who dreamt of expansion, and those who made it happen helped this country succeed.

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By then, large numbers of Americans had come to believe in the doctrine of manifest destiny. The Homestead Act provided free land to many people who wanted to move westward.

This had many bad affects on the economies in some areas where the people were dependent upon one thing resource, crop, or product. In comparison with previous western expansion, was imperialism justifiably correct?

Manifest destiny

Early American women had few rights. The period also marked the beginning of large-scale manufacturing in the United States. By almost 7 million Americans had migrated westward in hopes of securing land and being prosperous.

These groups of people included economists, militants, intellectuals, journalists, as well as religious leaders and missionaries. In a speech to Congress, he expressed a view supporting the idea of Manifest Destiny and based upon that, argued that territory obtained by the U.

As the pioneers moved westward, they took over much of the land that Indians had occupied for thousands of years. There was little law enforcement and government in the 'wild west'. Under the leadership of President Andrew Jackson, the Indians who remained East of the Mississippi were cruelly and violently driven from their homes and concentrated Us expansion essay reservations in what is now Oklahoma.

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Josiah Strong wrote about such a concept in his piece, Our Country:The expansion of America from the thirteen colonies across the entire continent was known as westward expansion. InJohn O’Sullivan, a newspaper editor that was writing about the possible annexation of Texas, coined the term Manifest Destiny.

As a result of expansion 10 new states joined betweenNapoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase to the United States for 15 million dollars, the Louisiana Purchase more than doubled the size of the United States.4/4(1).

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The US was strong enough to take those lands and therefore it was okay for them to do so. I do not believe that it is generally In today's terms, no, this expansion was not justified.

Us expansion essay
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