Twelfth night humour essay

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Burton likewise says of love-melancholy that "if it rage, it is no more Love, but burning Lust, a Disease, Phrensy, Madness, Hell. The situation is critical and delicate; but how exquisitely is the character of Viola fitted to her part, carrying her through the ordeal with all the inward and spiritual grace of modesty!

Wiles also sees a connection between this role and that of Feste: Later, this prayer is fulfilled when Narcissus becomes entranced with his reflection in the pool, and attempts to seduce Twelfth night humour essay without realising it is him.

Socially, the growing power of the middle classes, particularly in London, threatened to unbalance the traditions of social hierarchy — Twelfth night humour essay hierarchy created centuries ago, with the evolution of the basic Feudal System.

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In that sense, the Puritan often becomes as here in this play the symbol for an attitude excessively hostile to certain aspects of human experience.

The joke here is Feste telling Orsino that he is very fickle and has a very changeable mood, so changeable that he should have matching clothes. Crucially, the theme of confusion and back-to-front-ness for on Twelfth Night a King, or Lord Of Misrule — usually a servant — is elected to lead the festivities is echoed strongly throughout the Comedy, through ideas like Viola spending much of the play as a man, or Malvolio believing he could wed Olivia and become a nobleman.

Whether it is Malvolio acting as a fool for love or Orsino who wishes only to lay about all day thinking about his Olivia in the beginning, the two themes are clear—love itself is the ultimate form appearances trumping reality and appearances, when taken too lightly, begin dictating reality.

Lois Potter indicates that the Saturnalian customs which were adopted "permitted the licensed irreverence through disguisings, parodies of solemn events, reversals of roles between men and women, masters and servants, clergy and laity" The play itself draws heavily from Twelfth Night ideas, not least the name.

It is a problem that seems to be light hearted on the surface yet has serious undertones to it. Appearances versus reality are also an issue for the reader of Twelfth Night as well as the characters. Unable to do so, drowned in confusion and sorrow, Narcissus transfixes himself with his sword, completing the symmetry of the tale.

Malvolio is, of course, successfully humiliated and exposed—the trick is very funny and helps Shakespeare to put into the play his crudest joke and the punishment in the prison a damning parody of Puritan doctrine. Indeed, this sort of sexual ambiguity was not uncommon among medieval fools: It's important to note that the major motivation for the trick on Malvolio is the insult he makes to the Fool when we first meet them, together with his total dislike for any sort of fun.

Olivia stopped mourning over her brother completely after she falls in love with Cesario — the first time she met him.

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Sir Toby famously retorts, "Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?

Twelfth Night Essay

Houghton Mifflin Company, It was originally a Catholic holiday and therefore, like other Christian feast days, an occasion for revelry. However, in this instance, it is marriage that is especially important.

Twelfth Night Literary Criticism (Vol. 34) - Essay

Malvolio is Olivia's steward, the person chiefly responsible for running her household, the master of the accounts. The next line returns back to the theme of fools and wise men: As her love for her master grows, she finds herself wishing for the reality but is now so embroiled in events that she cannot turn back.

This rise in middle-class mercantile power would have seriously worried established upper classes — perhaps making them unsure of their own security.William Shakespeare wrote Twelfth Night apparently to be performed on the twelfth feast day, the joyous climax of the Renaissance Christmas.

We will write a custom essay sample on Shakespeare: Finally, the exitement and romance of ‘adventurous seafaring’ is really very black humour when looked at with Twelfth Night, a play from which the entire plot origianates from a shipwreck.

An Exploration of Humour in Twelfth Night Essay

However, it would certainly be a very topical way to involve the audience, as many may have been. With Twelfth Night regarded as Shakespeare’s last comedy, it helps to know why, where and how the humour is generated. When tackling language, it can be helpful to think about who is saying it and why.

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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare is a romantic comedy set in Illyria during the Christmas season. The article analysis is a critique on the elements of folly and foolery in Shakespeare’s twelfth night.

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Twelfth Night – a festive comedy: In spite of certain minor defects, Twelfth Night includes the main elements of good comedy.

Twelfth night humour essay
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