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That many people puts more and more stress on the environment and ecosystems.

An Essay about Nature Protection

It was very difficult for the Government to catch him alive or to shoot him. So the police and the men in the forest department should discharge their duties sincerely and honestly so that the culprits will not get a chance to have their unrestricted hunting.

There are persons of much daring who go into the forest Conserve wildlife essay without the knowledge of the wildlife department authorities and shoot the animals which may be a source of great gain to them.

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In addition, added and improved attractions of food, water and shelter, as the basic needs, along with palatable grasses, salt-licks, fire-control etc. Great advanced in technology, medicine and even the fact we are the most sophisticated species on the planet.

So the animals are an asset to the nation because they have a significant contribution to its economic development. Therefore, the need for wildlife conservation has now become a necessity.

Wildlife conservation

The status and degree of permanency and protection is, therefore, much higher in a national park than in a sanctuary. So the Government should take adequate steps to conserve our forests and thus save our wildlife and our environment as well.

The basic objective of the management of parks and sanctuaries is to improve, maintain, preserve and protect the environment in and around such areas; so that the natural fauna and flora may occupy their proper natural habitat and to live and flourish up to optimum-level.

India is a good example where several steps have been taken for wildlife conservation.

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There are people who are Conserve wildlife essay responsible for the devastation in our surroundings while there are also people who do not even think about it. This is the place where plants and animals thrive, its atmosphere and its terrain providing what man needs in order to live.

An essay about nature protection should serve to remind people that it is not too late to care for the environment. Two excellent examples are the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates rivers which show use the relationship between rivers and concentrations of people. The original idea of a sanctuary in India was closing of shooting-block for shooting and it is declared as such by the Conservator of Forests from time to time.

This especially true in arid regions which are very dependent upon water. Poachers have long been active in several parts of the world. There are many things that I could have chosen to write my descriptive essay about at the camp, since it is such an astonishing place. Eventually, this defeats the purpose of living on the planet.

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Short Essay on the Conservation of Natural Resources

Other studies have shown that the Bt toxin can persist in soils for over forty days the longest time evaluated and can retain its toxicity to insects Koskella and Stotzky, Research papers environmental economics.

As many as game sanctuaries and 21 national parks have been developed to protect the natural habitat and wild animals. Back to your question though.

In India, the government and NGOs are taking keen interest in the protection of wildlife. Snake is a wild animal. Can we produce enough food and conserve natural resources to sustain the population? There should be permanent and qualified staff for management and enforcement of the rules and to guard against poaching etc.

Environmental Entomology, 27 2: The Wild Life Protection Act, has several provisions for the conservation of wildlife. According to Wild Life Protection Act, under section To a large percentage of the population, they represent all that is still wild about our province, a link to the past before humans came and logged much of the forests, put roads over the mountains, and dammed the rivers.

This causes an imbalance in our environment. In the former respect, India probably has the advantage over many countries as most of her sanctuaries are set in beautiful surroundings and have varied types of vegetation with an adequacy of wild life.

The large scale poaching killing of wild animals residing in the forests by man is a serious threat to the survival of many animal and bird species. Amy Jo Scoca EnglishG April Bishop 1 The Rio Grande cutthroat trout, the state fish of New Mexico, is a threatened species that needs more attention from the citizens and politicians of New Mexico if we want to see it survive and flourish in its natural environment.

In the case of Government authorised felling of forest trees, for every acre of forest cut down, an equal area of land should be planted with saplings of trees to make up for the loss in the long run.

This is because depletion of forests destroys the natural habitat of wild animals and birds, and exposes them to the cruelty of man as well as nature.

The undisturbed viewing of wild animals depends up to a large extent on the degree of protection as well as freedom. The Wildlife Protection Act prohibits killing the deer and other wildlife species.

This lessened the number of animals and birds and even caused an imbalance in our environment.Lana’s artwork and essay is the Mercer County winner of Conserve Wildlife New Jersey’s annual statewide Species on the Edge Art and Essay Contest.

Lana was a fifth grader at Riverside Elementary School last year when her teacher Amanda Nichols suggested participation in the contest. Stuck on writing How To Conserve Wildlife Essay?

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Find thousands of sample essays on this topic and more. How we can conserve wildlife in our country Nature has always helped in flourishing the mankind.

But this isn't about what nature gives to you, its what you, as a human being give back in return. Below are the short essay questions that appear on the application: Based on what you know or have read about our school, please explain why you want to come to Conserve School.

Essay # 1. Introduction to Sanctuary and National Parks: Wildlife is a vital part of the life-support systems for the human race. Hence, existence of all life forms is essential for the maintenance of delicate ecological-system.

May 18,  · Wildlife conservation is the preservation, protection, or restoration of wildlife and their environment, especially in relation to endangered and vulnerable species.

All living wild animals, even if bred, hatched or born in captivity, are considered wild Resolved.

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