10 critical decision of acer company

For services as it is direct to customers, the location is determined by market accessibility or near to customer as possible. Conclusion Nowadays, Acer had expanded their business in to the worldwide. Acer has implemented a new channel business model, shifting from being a manufacturer to a pure brand company that markets and distributes its products, while leaving the actual production process in the hands of contract manufacturers.

Physical location is the typical concern in this strategic decision area of operations management. Layout strategy Layout strategy is the material flow, process selection technology used, capacity needs, workers needs, inventory requirement, and capital will influence the decision for layout design.

According to Henzerdesign of goods and design defines much of the transformation process. Which of the following components may be a reason that managers ignore problems? The quality of a computer can be broken down into the quality of various components that go into the manufacture of a computer.

Schedules are more formal in goods production with short, medium and long term planning to accommodate customers demand. Responsiveness Acer was integrity being ethical, honest and trustworthy in all our relationships and interactions.

During a discussion prompted by the ethics chapter in your text, he commented that he was asked to tell callers that the lawyer was in court when in fact the lawyer was playing golf! The company principally offers its products under four key brands which are Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell and e-Machines.

Operation management such as product should decide what process it, what type of technology and to what extent, human resources, quality and maintenance that determines its basic cost structure. Process and capacity design. There are a variety of measures applied to determine actual productivity levels.

Job Design and Human Resources. Ford pioneered the assembly line method, which maximizes production capacity. A generic accounting model to support operations management decisions. The quality of a computer can be broken down into the quality of various components that go into the manufacture of a computer.

In addition to its core business Acer also owns the largest franchised computer retail chain in Taipei, Taiwan. Inventory — Decisions on how and where the inventory level to keep long term customers satisfaction, suppliers, material availability for not to disrupt the production, human resources needed for this purpose and important the holding cost from financial perspective.

Customer has a very high quality standard nowadays and operation management decision in quality must be clear and strict for its members to understand and comply. For physical goods, location selection can be determined by pools of qualified human resources, technology, raw material, access to market and government policy.

10 Critical Decision of Acer Company Essay

Capacity design issue is critical for services because it will try to reduce waiting time and avoid lost of sales due to insufficient capacity.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. Acer uses lean periods in demand and off hours to perform its maintenance works.

For example, Nike Inc. Acer is credited with having one of the most advanced and responsive supply chains in the world and this is one of the reason that why Acer had meet with such huge success. Acer has efficient its operations in recent years, spinning off all of its manufacturing operations, which the company considers to be of low value.

These areas pertain to the main decisions in managing streamlined operations and productivity that effectively address business goals and objectives. The factory is also arranged in such a way that it is aligned to the manufacturing philosophy of just in time production.

Public Domain Nike Inc. Acer will provide channels with million US dollar in sales allowance to clear inventory, which will result in operating loss of the same amount. Other Acer products include servers, storage systems, smart phones, projectors, LCD televisions, digital cameras, and computer displays.

This should include the company mission such as what the company does, what is the products, how its services and its customers. Acer has manufacturing facilities located in most of the major markets that it sells to.10 Strategic Operation Management Decisions InFord Motor Company reorganized using what’s known as the 10 strategic operations areas.

It was part of the company’s turnaround and enabled the organization be more flexible and survive the financial crisis without taking government bailouts.

Nike Inc. Operations Management: 10 Decisions, Productivity

10 Critical Decisions Design of goods and services Acer is in the business of manufacturing and leading manufacturer of notebook, desktop, and notebook computers. Apr 06,  · Naturally, every company takes a slightly different approach to identifying critical decisions, but the end result is likely to be a list of about critical decisions.

Critical Thinking And Decision Making COM / 09/30/ Instructor: Robert Maddock Abstract This paper explores how critical thinking contributes to my decision to returning to.

2) Decision tools and techniques influence the use of critical thinking in decision making. According to the decision steps model, what is a proper response when an unstructured problem is presented?

3) Decision opportunities arise when problems or opportunities are recognized through critical thinking. Ford applies the 10 strategic decisions of operations management with emphasis on consistency and high productivity. Ford also maintains a considerable degree of flexibility to address business variations in different areas around the world.

Ford Motor Company’s Operations Management, 10 Decision Areas.

10 critical decision of acer company
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